Celebrate Brockport’s Open Educational Resources Champions

Celebrate some of Brockport’s Open Educational Resources (OER) faculty champions that are currently featured in a Drake Library display highlighting the impacts OER is having in their courses.

Kudos to our Brockport OER Champions! The following faculty champions are being recognized in a Drake Library display for their use of Open Educational Resources in their courses to help mitigate the high cost of textbooks for students.

  • Michael Chojnowski, English
  • Laurie Cook, Biology
  • Marcie Desrochers, Psychology
  • Jie Zhang, Education and Human Development

SUNY faculty using OER have saved students over $16 million since 2017. This number continues to grow as the program expands.

If you are interested in learning more or participating in the OER program, please contact Mary Jo Orzech.

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