What is the Role of EagleSUCCESS at Midterm?

EagleSUCCESS word mark
Much goes on behind the scenes in EagleSUCCESS once midterm grades are submitted. EagleSUCCESS sends out automatic alerts to students if their midterm GPAs are below 2.25. Then, their success network jumps into action.

On March 13, 2023 midterm grades will be due. Once grades are submitted, EagleSUCCESS notifies the Academic Success Center (ASC) which students’ overall midterm GPAs are below 2.25 (based on available grades).

Next, the ASC assigns the students to EOP, Residence Life, the ASC STEPS advisors, and Faculty Advisors for follow up – all within EagleSUCCESS. These offices reach out to each student to offer support and guidance.

View EagleSUCCESS tutorials on our Youtube channel or visit the EagleSUCCESS group in Brightspace.

Please contact EagleSUCCESS@brockport.edu with any questions.

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