Slow times? Not at Drake Library

During the semester (and all times in-between) Drake Memorial librarians are working to make sure the campus library is a supportive asset in the teaching and learning process for faculty and students.

Efforts throughout the year include:

  1. Ensure library collections meet the needs of the SUNY Brockport community through continuous collection development.
    1. Evaluate, select, and suggest changes to print and electronic resources.
    2. Recommend items for purchase.
    3. Approve purchase requests.
    4. Maintain an ongoing program of evaluation/deselection.
  2. Actively communicate with faculty to learn about program needs, seek feedback, and share information about available resources.
    1. Review program documentation (syllabi, course descriptions, etc.) to anticipate information needs.
    2. Advocate for the adoption of low-cost or no-cost course materials
    3. Assist faculty with finding open material or library-owned materials to support their courses.
    4. Promote professional development opportunities for faculty to learn about Open Educational Resources (OER) and other low-cost options
    5. Recommend materials that could be placed on reserve.

Patrons are encouraged to contact Drake librarians to discuss their needs for materials, support, or instruction.

Drake Library welcomes all opportunities to create an even more accommodating library.  

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