Stevie Rudak | February 21, 2023

Aide to an Assemblyman

Political science major gains legislative experience through an internship with the New York State Assembly.

Carlo Cancellieri (left) with Assemblyman Josh Jensen (right)

Junior and political science major Carlo Cancellieri was accepted into the New York State Assembly Internship program as an Assistant to Assemblyman Josh Jensen of District 134. He often attends committee meetings, briefs Jensen on legislation, and learns about New York State’s legislation process.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you chose Brockport?

A: There is nothing more important in life than family. Not only is Brockport 10 minutes away from my house, but most of my cousins attend this University as well. In addition to being able to go home in-between classes, I sometimes pass by my cousins on my way to classes.

Q: What would you tell a future student interested in your field of study?

A: Focus on time management! You will get a lot of reading and work to do, but it is extremely beneficial. I personally believe that learning about our current political system, and the systems of the past, will help our future generations mend the divide we currently see.

Q: Can you describe your job duties within your internship?

A: One of my main responsibilities is getting a feel for the legislative process. I see bills being introduced, proposed, voted on, and debated. I research the additions and the changes made to these bills. I also take meetings for Assemblyman Josh Jensen when needed, take notes on the important aspects of these meetings, and communicate those aspects back to Jensen. I assist to the best of my abilities and it is truly fascinating to see how much there is to our legislative system.

Q: Can you describe your most significant academic accomplishment (research, internship, job placement, leadership, etc.)?

A: My most significant academic accomplishment thus far is my acceptance in the New York State Assembly Internship. This internship is only given to a set number of students per year. In my current role, I learn so much about the law-making process and what goes on around it every day.

Q: How has your internship experience impacted your future plans?

A: By landing this internship, and seeing what goes on in our state’s capital, I may have another career path to look at. I wanted to be a lawyer for as long as I remember, but a career as an assemblyman or some sort of political position is becoming more and more enticing.