Annual Fire & Life Safety Compliance Inspection

The NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control will be on campus beginning March 1 to conduct the annual campus fire and life safety compliance inspection. The inspection is expected to occur over the course of three to four weeks. The inspector will inspect all working, learning, and living spaces.

Top 3 Fire & Life Safety Violation in Office Spaces:

  1. Use of extension cords
    1. Safer, fire code compliant solution: Purchase a surge protected power strip. These are available in a multitude of cord lengths through Staples (look on the “non-contract” account for lengths over six feet).
  2. Surge protectors plugged into other surge protectors
    1. Safer, fire code compliant solution: It is possible to purchase surge protectors with more available outlets, however we urge to you talk with Facilities (ext. 2408) to determine whether the power draw of your items will be safe on the circuit you are plugging them into.
  3. Space heaters that are not plugged directly into a wall outlet, or that do not turn themselves off when tipped over. Both of these are the cause of many fires every year throughout the country.
    1. Safer, fire code compliant solution: Please report the heating issue you are experiencing to Facilities (ext. 2408) so that they can address it appropriately.

If you would like the Office of Environmental, Health, and Safety to assist with reviewing your work area, please contact to schedule an appointment.  

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Elizabeth Gregory (

Posted: February 16, 2023