Dreams & Games: Exploring Memory Retention Through Dreams Associated with Video Gameplay

Dr. Papia Bawa (Department of Education and Human Development) published an article in the Journal of Research Initiatives. The article describes a study that examined the possible impact of video game activity on cognition and long-term memorization through recall and visualization in dreams.

Recollections of dreams after gameplay is a relevant act of sustained cognition and memory forming. The results of this study indicated that interfacing with video games allowed the players to evoke vivid and coherent memories of the gameplay, which were manifested within their dreams.

Dr. Bawa discusses a new paradigm of bio-virtualization as an emerging quality of video game playing and players’ ability to circumvent hardware and software interfacing. The study also contributes to the continued development and examination of Dr. Bawa’s Game Content Theory and Instructional Design Model that facilitates easier and pragmatic insertion of video games in educational environments.


Bawa, P (2023). Dreams and Games: Exploring Memory Retention Through Dreams Associated with Video Gameplay, Journal of Research Initiatives. 7(2) Article 6.

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Alisa James (ajames@brockport.edu)

Posted: February 21, 2023