Session 6: Jonathon Jones & Michael Jones

Portrait of Jonathon Jones
Listening Skill Up for Leaders

Descriptions of great leaders often emphasize a person’s skills with speech. However, listening well may be the most undervalued and important quality for leaders to cultivate. In this experiential workshop we’ll explore what it means to listen well and why it matters. Using a variety of tools and practices, facilitators will guide participants in learning listening strategies from one another as well as share their own best practices. Participants can expect to leave this session feeling more confident and competent at deeply listening and evoking the best from both themselves and others.

6A – Presenter: Jonathon Jones, Facilitation and Marketing, M.K. Ghandi Institute for Nonviolence (Picture above)

Portrait of Michael Jones
6B – Presenter: Michael Jones, Nonviolence Trainer, M.K. Ghandi Institute for Nonviolence

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