Session 5: Multiple Presenters

Portrait of Jackie McGriff
Leadership in Racial and Social Justice through Truthtelling

Our Voices Project is committed to embracing identity, celebrating resiliency, and promoting visibility through uplifting the voices and sharing the lived experiences of Black, Brown, and Indigenous Peoples through producing films, podcasts, and live panel discussions. We will share our “origin story” and how we honor the diversity in our team which helps us to create safe, welcoming, and inclusive spaces to educate and inspire social change. We will show clips from our projects and highlight lessons learned as creatives, entrepreneurs, and activists.


5A Presenter: Jackie McGriff, Co-founder, Director, and Producer, Our Voices Project (Picture above)

Portrait of Deb Alvarez
5B Presenter: Deb Alvarez, Cinematographer, Editor, and Co-founder, Our Voices Project

5C Presenter: Courtney Shouse, Education Outreach Facilitator, Our Voices Project

Portrait of Kate Robinson
5D Presenter: Kate Robinson, Founding Member, Our Voices Project Student Coalition

5E Presenter: Ethan Totter, Founding Member, Our Voices Project Student Coalition

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