Session 3: Non-profit Leadership Panel

Portrait of Sheila Strong
The Never-Ending Journey of Transformation and Social Change

Leadership is a way of being that we bring to situations. Human transformation is an internal shift that brings us in alignment with our highest potential. It affects how we see and relate to the world and how we understand our place in it. This panel will allow participants to engage with community members who will share the stories of their own journeys, their inspiration and fears, their visions, and victories. A guided activity will help you identify your current capacity as you consider your own leadership potential within this sector of society.

3A Moderator: Dr. Sheila Strong, Director of Leadership Development and Equity, United Way


Portrait of Kelli Ragin
3B Panelist: Kelli Ragin, African American Leadership Development Program

Portrait of Megan Sokolow
3C Panelist: Megan Sokolow, Emerging Leaders Development Program

Portrait of Sean Watson
3D Panelist: Sean Watson, Pride Leadership Development Program

Portrait of Rachel Betts
3E Panelist: Rachel Betts, Latino Leadership Development Program

Portrait of Maria Cruz
3F Panelist: Maria Cruz, Latino Leadership Development Program

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