March Military & Veteran Recognition Days

Veterans walking on campus

Our current and veteran service members have committed their time and energy to support our country. At Brockport, we have students, faculty, staff, alumni, and family members who have served let’s continue to recognize them.


  • Navy Reserve Birthday (Wednesday, March 3): Celebrates 106 years.
  • Navy Seabee Birthday (Friday, March 5): Celebrates 79 years
  • K 9 Veterans Day (Saturday, March 13)
  • Vietnam Veterans Day Law created in 2017 (Monday, March 29)

Join me in thanking these students, family, friends, colleagues, or loved ones for their involvement in these events or military branches to support our country.

Are you a veteran or current service member? Interested in learning more or supporting military-affiliated and veteran students. Considering getting involved with the Military Support and Engagement Committee by filling out this Machform.

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