Did you Know… Faculty can Clear EagleSUCCESS Flags they Raise

EagleSUCCESS word mark
If you notice a student is responding to a flag you raised or if you raised a flag accidentally, you can clear it and add notes to the flag.

If you raise a flag then you can also clear it! Also, you can add a brief note to explain why you are clearing it. The note becomes documentation for you and the student’s advisors and can be sent to the student as a follow up.

How this can be used right now: Clear Never Attended flags for a student who started attending your course ASAP to help the ASC have accurate information for Roster Verification reporting.

To clear a flag: Search for the student on the Tracking Tab in EagleSUCCESS. Hover over the flag icon and click the Clear button. Add a short note with your reason for clearing the flag. 

View EagleSUCCESS tutorials on our Youtube channel.

Please contact EagleSUCCESS@brockport.edu with any questions.

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