Mental Health Emergency Grants for Students

Circumstances that impact a students’ mental health can prevent students from achieving academic success and even continuing their education. Please let students know that the University offers short-term funds to students experiencing a situation that is negatively impacting their mental and emotional well-being.

The mental health emergency grants for students provide temporary financial support for situations or circumstances which are beyond the student’s control, such as a death in the family, accident, loss of property, loss of income, or the need for mental health services in which they cannot afford. 

Criteria & Qualifications:

  • Funding is limited to a one-time financial support not to exceed $1,000.
  • Applicant must be registered for the spring 2023 semester.


Applicant must submit an application online at: The College at Brockport Alumni and Friends - Student Emergency Funds and provide documentation that verifies the student is currently receiving services from a mental health provider, specifically a note from a mental health provider stating that the student is under their care and the date of most recent appointment.

Applicants must submit a detailed proposed spending plan allocating funds for copays or out of pocket costs for therapy appointments, medications for their mental health and well-being, basic needs and transportation costs to and from therapy appointments.

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Karen Logsdon (

Posted: February 01, 2023