Art Professor’s Graphic Novel Lands on Forbes’ Best of 2022 List

Written and illustrated by Dave Chisholm, adjunct lecturer of Art, “Enter the Blue” has been named one of Forbes’ best graphic novels of 2022.

“Enter the Blue” is an 180 page graphic novel written and illustrated by Dave Chisholm and presented by Z2 Comics and Blue Note Records.

According to Forbes, “Chisholm’s magical-realist journey through jazz history follows a reluctant trumpet prodigy down the rabbit hole in search of the spirit of the music. A gripping, imaginative and unpredictable story, gorgeously drawn, and a treat for fans of jazz and comics alike.” 

Dave Chisholm, adjunct lecturer in the Department of Art, is a trumpet player, cartoonist, composer, and educator currently residing in Rochester, NY where he received his doctorate in jazz trumpet from the Eastman School of Music in 2013. In addition to “Enter the Blue,” Chisholm recently published Chasin’ the Bird: Charlie Parker in California—a 144-page graphic novel commissioned by the Parker estate in celebration of Bird’s Centennial, has Dave riffing on a stretch of time infamous jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker spent in California (Z2, 2020). 

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