Drake Library Media Collection Strategy

Due to increasing demand for streaming media titles, Drake Library has updated its guidelines for purchasing and digitizing media. Attend the CELT workshop on February 15 to learn more.

Media are purchased for required coursework and select co-curricular needs. Specifically: 

  • Streaming media are preferred over physical media, 
  • All titles should be requested at least four weeks in advance,
  • Not all titles can be purchased due to restrictions on institutional access (e.g., Netflix titles). Titles from subscription services are often unavailable for library purchase.

Streaming licenses are typically more expensive than physical media, provide one year of access, and may not include Public Performance Rights.  Subscription titles may be added and dropped over time by provider. Often further discussion with professors is required due to streaming costs/limited budgets.

Physical media the library owns may be digitized: 

  • If the only copy available is in VHS format and there is no option to purchase the media in streaming or DVD format,
  • If the course is 100% online; on a case-by-case basis if it is a hybrid course,
  • In certain cases when a short clip is needed. 

We will not digitize:

  • Personal copies of any media,
  • Media for which an institutional streaming license is available,
  • Media for fully in-person courses. 

Digitized media are available for up to seven days and must be made available through the Learning Management System (Brightspace), so only those in the course can access.

To learn more, attend the CELT workshop on Feb. 15 at 12:15 pm on “Media access and digitization: what Drake Library can support and why.”

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