Darcy Porter | January 26, 2023

Landing a Role with HBO’s “Sex and the City” Spinoff

Alumni network sparks a student’s career on the set of “And Just Like That.”
Tyrick LaForce '22 and Dave Weilert '14

When alum David Weilert ’14 came back to campus last April to speak to Journalism and Broadcasting students about his career in Hollywood, he was introduced to a handful of students who wanted to follow in his footsteps. Tyrick LaForce ’22 was one of them.

LaForce graduated a month later. By October, he was working on one of the most celebrated TV series of all time. Now, as a Set Production Assistant on HBO’s And Just Like That, LaForce is cueing Sarah Jessica Parker into scenes. Weilert’s visit to professor Virginia Orzel’s class was a primary reason why.

Tyrick LaForce '22 and Dave Weilert '14 in front of Silver Cup Studios.

Tyrick LaForce ’22 and David Weilert ’14 in front of Silver Cup Studios.

Weilert boasts an impressive career in the television industry, having worked on numerous hit productions including Nightly Pop on E! News and NBC Universal’s Dr. Death. Thus, he was a natural choice for Orzel to invite to speak in one of her classes.

Orzel, who had formed close bonds with both students during their time at Brockport, had a premonition.

“She spoke really highly of Tyrick and was like, ‘whatever he needs, do it for him,’” Weilert said.

After his class visit, LaForce got Weilert’s contact information from Orzel and sent him an email to thank him. They stayed in touch. Weilert started helping LaForce rework his resume, and would often send him job postings for Production Assistant roles.

While working as an Assistant Production Coordinator on And Just Like That, Weilert convinced his supervisor to bring LaForce in for one day. One day turned into two. Then, by a twist of fate, on his second day on the job, the show’s Executive Producer met LaForce in the breakroom. He fell in love with him and offered him a job to stay on full time. And just like that, a career was born.

“It was a really cool moment for me to pay it forward to a kid I met in April. I would have killed to be in that position out of college.”
David Weilert ’14

For LaForce, it’s just as cool.

“Being that I didn’t have any experience, it was extremely nerve-wracking. But everyone has been super helpful. It’s been great,” says LaForce.

Although he started in an office role with Weilert, he quickly proved his worth and transitioned to a role on set. Now, as a Set PA, he gets the opportunity to work directly with some of the most accomplished actors in the business. In his first job out of college, LaForce is ushering actors from their trailers to the set, taking their lunch orders, and even cueing them into scenes — a task he admits is unsurprisingly his favorite.

Tyrick LaForce '22 reading And Just Like That schedule.

Tyrick LaForce ’22 looking over the “And Just Like That” set schedule.


Throughout it all, LaForce recognizes that his Brockport connections paved the way. “Ginny has been a mentor. She helped me understand what I want to do, and how to take the correct steps towards that goal. Same for Dave. He understood what I wanted to do and that ultimately, being on set would be the best option for me to work towards my goal of directing.”