Timely Tip: Three Semester Starters in EagleSUCCESS

EagleSUCCESS wordmark

Add a syllabus blurb about EagleSUCCESS, update your scheduler for student appointments, and put a link in your Outlook signature to your appointment scheduler.

Include this blurb in your Syllabus:

I Care About Your Success! I will be using EagleSUCCESS to communicate with you about your academic progress and connect you to support if you need it. Throughout the term, you may receive emails from EagleSUCCESS@brockport.edu regarding your attendance, course grades, or academic performance. To benefit, it is important that you check your SUNY Brockport email regularly and follow through on my recommended actions as quickly as possible. You may also be contacted directly by someone in the Academic Success Center or another campus support professional. Remember, the best students ask for help. To learn more about EagleSUCCESS view our short videos on YouTube.

Update your Scheduler with your current office hours

Go to your Appointments tab to review your office hours. You can edit or cancel office hour blocks by hovering over the Clock icon. Remember to set an End Date.

Add a link to your EagleSUCCESS Schedule in your signature in Outlook

  • Go to the Edit Profile tab
  • Scroll to the Share Links section
  • Click on the Copy URL to Clipboard link
  • In Outlook, paste the link into your saved signature

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