Faculty/Staff Participate in Mental Health First Aid Training

Participants of the Mental Health First Aid training.
SUNY Brockport coordinated a Mental Health First Aid training on January 6, 2023. The session was presented by Megan Clifford of Wellness Rochester and 20 participants completed the training.

The session was presented by Megan Clifford of Wellness Rochester. This was a nine-hour training following the National Council for Behavioral Health curriculum. Participants were taught material focused on adults, specifically college aged persons.

This training will allow for our staff across campus to be better prepared to support students in crisis. The expectation of Mental Health First Aid is not to be the counselor, but to have the tool kit to support a student through the immediate crisis and to pursue professional assistance in the future. As a reminder you can always call University Police in the event of a crisis, and you can refer students to the Counseling Center for assistance.

For our professional staff, we have access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

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Don Bigelow (dbigelow@brockport.edu)

Posted: January 11, 2023