Reporting Maintenance Issues on the Main Campus

The Facilities Service Center is ready to take service requests 24/7. With over 40 buildings and 2.7 million square feet of interior space, your extra set of eyes on maintenance related issues is welcomed by us.

All service requests may be submitted either online or via phone at (585) 395-2408. We do ask that all urgent or hazardous issues be reported immediately via phone to ensure the fastest possible response. This line is monitored 24/7.

Examples of urgent issues:

  • Power outages
  • Non-functioning walkway or parking lot lighting,
  • Broken plumbing
  • Roof leaks
  • Loose handrail
  • Broken window
  • Slipping/tripping hazards
  • Pest control issues

Non-urgent service requests may be submitted online via the link below or by phone. 

A few examples of non-urgent service requests:

  • Dripping faucet
  • Missing or stained ceiling tiles
  • Broken window blinds
  • Painting requests

We encourage the reporting of any maintenance, housekeeping or grounds issues as soon as they are noticed. Any member of the college faculty or staff may report an issue directly to the Facilities Service Center. The practice of funneling requests through certain people for each building or area was discontinued. Students living on campus should report maintenance related issues to their Residential Life contacts.

Reporting issues to the Service Center versus individual facilities staff:

  • Creates a record of the issue so we can look for patterns
  • Allows quality control
  • Ensures the staff receive acknowledgement for the work done
  • Allows facilities management to distribute work more evenly

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