Sustainable Development Goals Action & Awareness Week

The University Global Coalition, in partnership with SUNY, is proud to declare March 1 5, 2021 UN Sustainable Development (SDG) Goals Action and Awareness Week, promoting awareness of the SDGs within higher education.

The purpose of this week is to promote awareness of the SDGs among students in higher education and inspire them to take action in furtherance of the goals on their campuses and in their local community.

As one of the goals of SDG Action and Awareness Week, a steering committee is curating discussion guides for faculty to use in educating their students about the SDGs throughout the week. The guides will provide a broad overview of the SDGs and how to frame issues that we know students already care about and will be general enough in nature to be used across a wide range of disciplines.

Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to participate in the SDG Action events happening throughout this week. Please review the SDG Action and Awareness Week events page for more details.

SDG Action & Awareness Week Events

Contact the Center for Global Education and Engagement for more information.

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