Accommodation Letters from Student Accessibility Services

Accommodation letters are being sent as of January 5, 2023, giving instructors a two-week period to prepare.

Accommodation letters are found in Accommodate (link on Quick Links page):

  • Login to Accommodate
    (single sign-on username and password)
  • Click “Accommodation Letters”
  • Click hyperlinked accommodation letter(s) marked “requested”
  • Sign and save

How do I know if I received a letter?

Notification emails directing to Accommodate. Check your “junk” folder too. 

What are my responsibilities with accommodation letters? 

Faculty & Staff Resources webpage, send an email, or call x5409. We are here to support!

Can’t SAS just send me ALL of the letters for ALL of the SAS students in my class?

No, sorry. Students have the right to confidentiality so they decide if and when to send. No letter sent, means no accommodations to implement. Students can send their letters at any time, it’s their right. Accommodation letters are not retroactive.

What if I do not agree with some accommodations?

Professors cannot deny any accommodations. There is a process to investigate if an accommodation is not appropriate in a specific setting. Let SAS negotiate what is reasonable and compliant.  

Can I delay accommodation implementation by not signing the letters?

No. There are electronic timestamps. We are ALL legally required to provide “timely and responsive” accommodation implementation.  

Are there specific approaches for implementing complex accommodations such as “extensions on assignments” or “attendance accommodations?”

Yes! See Implementation Guides in Accommodate under the “Resources” tab.   

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Nikki Hall (

Posted: January 06, 2023