Parking Permits Gone Virtual

New parking permits orders are now virtual.  A virtual permit means your license plate serves as the parking permit. Physical permits will not be issued.

License plate information is registered with SUNY Brockport Parking and Transportation Services by you, and associated with your vehicle(s) or motorcycle and authorizes parking in a specific lot(s).


  1. Now is the time to help prepare for the roll out by ensuring your vehicle and plate information is accurate via the parking portal. Please refrain from using space bar when inserting the vehicle plate information.
  2. The pay station located in lot V (SERC) now requires a license plate number. There is no longer the need to walk back to your vehicle to display the receipt. The pay station located in lot T no longer accepts cash. ParkMobile (pay by phone) is accepted at both pay stations.

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Posted: January 31, 2023