Earth Science Faculty Published a Peer-Reviewed Paper

Dr. Nandini Kar, Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences, and her colleagues published a paper on how the Andes Mountains developed over the last 60 million years.

Dr. Nandini Kar, Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences, and colleagues Dr. Lin Li (Researcher, University of Arizona), Dr. Victor Carlotto (Professor, National University San Antonio Abad of Cusco, Cusco, Peru), Dr. Carmala Garzione (Professor and Dean of the College of Science, University of Arizona), Dr. Federico Moreno (Researcher, University of Arizona), and Sarah Smith (University of Rochester) published a paper titled ” Paleocene-Miocene topographic and tectonic evolution of the north central Andean plateau, southern Peru” in the Journal of South American Earth Sciences. 

The authors used paleoclimate proxies to reconstruct the change in climate over the last 60 million years in southern Peru and correlated the climate change with the Andes mountain formation.

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Posted: December 26, 2022