Brockport Employee Altogether Collective (BEAC) Seeking Feedback

BEAC is seeking feedback to inform our approach to creating upcoming opportunities for Brockport employees to get together beyond their typical work responsibilities.

Feedback is anonymous but limited to one submission per employee. This quick survey should only take ~5 minutes to complete. We are seeking feedback around availability and event suggestions with the goal to see you and other colleagues at a future campus community building event. The deadline for feedback is Friday, January 20, 2023.

Brockport Employee Altogether Collective (BEAC)

We are a social community within the larger Brockport community dedicated to building meaningful relationships across the divisions and engaging with one another beyond our work responsibilities. We are committed to improving our professional well-being and social life along with other colleagues. We are a group that coordinates, collaborates, and promotes events in our greater campus community that are social, developmental, volunteer, and recreational in nature.  This group is a volunteer-run organization of, by, and for SUNY Brockport faculty/staff.  

Core Tenets 

  • Social – Develop events to promote cultural, entertainment, and lifestyle opportunities while providing a positive environment for networking, socializing, and developing meaningful relationships that are laid-back and open. Meet New People.  
  • Development – Commit to growing as leaders, developing personal and professional skills and knowledge, and expanding our networks. We collaborate with other organizations to enhance our membership and to support the various missions of those organizations. Enhance Yourself.  
  • Volunteer – Engage on and beyond the campus to create positive impact in our community. Give Back.  
  • Recreation – Collaborate in various activities catered to all skill levels in a welcoming environment. Be Active.  

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Garrett W. Roe (

Posted: December 22, 2022