New MA in Psychology Track: Child Life Specialist

Child with profession
This new track is a master’s in psychology with an emphasis in child life studies, which will prepare students for either further study in developmental psychology or complete the curriculum requirements for certification from the Association for Child Life Professionals.

Individuals who complete the curriculum provided by the program (as well as an internship and a certification exam) can be eligible to work as a child life specialist. The child life specialist is a critical component of the healthcare team for children and families, acting as an intermediary between children/families and doctors/nurses. Here, the child life specialist can employ psychological and behavior modification skills and training, as well as teach coping skills and help manage expectations of healthcare concerns and treatments for the child and other family members—all at a developmentally appropriate level.

Individuals eligible to apply for this track in our MA program will have at least 18 credit hours in psychology coursework (including child psychology and adolescence), a minimum 3.0 GPA, have completed (or currently completing coursework) in medical terminology, ethics, and anatomy and physiology, and a strong desire to help children.

Questions can be directed to Dr. Sara Margolin.

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Dr. Sara

Posted: December 19, 2022