Counselor Education Professor Presents at Conference

Claudette A. Brown, Assistant Professor from the Department of Counselor Education, gave two presentations at the North Atlantic Region Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors Conference held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The first presentation titled “Reimaging wellness and identity development” shared preliminary findings from ongoing research and theory building. Reimaging wellness and identity development is focused on generating a new model of wellness that includes identity development as part of the model.

The second presentation titled “Bolstering social self-efficacy to mitigate insecure attachment and reduce loneliness in college students” shared the results of a study conducted at the University that examined social self-efficacy as a mediator for insecure attachment and loneliness, as well as discussed strategies for enhancing social self-efficacy on college campuses to mitigate loneliness and enhance retention.

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Alisa James (

Posted: December 13, 2022