Lindsay Ward

Public Administration (MPA)

Fulfilling her goal of doing something that matters, Lyndsay Ward is making it a reality as an advocate.


For Lindsay Ward, the choice to attend graduate school grew from her passion to help others. As a speech pathologist, she works to assess, diagnose, treat, and help to prevent communications, language, and swallowing disorders in adults. She also is a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association’s Governmental Affairs and Public Policy Board as well as a graduate of its Leadership Development Program. Lindsay’s experience has helped her become a strong advocate, and she found herself wanting to advance her career in public administration.

What made her choose Brockport was the flexibility of the MPA program as well as the networking opportunities. She could take her time to complete coursework, while balancing a full-time job and caring for her young children. Opportunities to exchange ideas with students, faculty, alumni, and community leaders at events and student activities meant that she would gain a variety of different perspectives while earning her degree.

As Lindsay pointed out, “every professor (in the department) has made a significant impact on my learning within the MPA program.” Class discussions as well as hearing from professors about their experiences and research helps her to understand the material. However, her professors also make themselves available to meet one-on-one when she needs them. “The amount of dedication and support I receive from all of my professors has made my experience throughout the MPA program completely positive,” she said.

Lindsay has met many student colleagues who currently hold or will obtain leadership roles within our community. The small class sizes allow her to work with other students to connect on provided learning topics through group discussions and projects. She learns a lot from classmates and has a new level of confidence and understanding of the aspects of public administration.

“I really enjoyed the interaction with my student colleagues and instructors during class time. Group discussions and shared experiences allowed me to connect the learning material to real life experiences,” said Lindsay.

Lindsay was recently selected for a congressional internship with the US House of Representatives. She is excited to see the impact that serving in this role will make on her career path. Her long-term goal is to work in upper-level government administration or for government officials, where her advocacy will make a difference for the people she serves.

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Posted: December 01, 2022