Kaleem Mogent

Counselor Education (MSEd)

With the desire and drive to go for his dream, Kaleem Mogent is making a difference in the lives of the students he counsels.


The decision to move from the Bronx, NY to Brockport, NY to pursue his bachelor’s degree in social work was a game-changer for Kaleem Mogent. Although he didn’t know what to expect, he found a home away from home once settled here.

When it was time to apply for counselor education MSEd programs, Kaleem applied to several institutions. The choice to attend Brockport had much to do with the sense of home he felt here. However, it was more than that. Kaleem heard that the counselor education program at Brockport was very strong and had a reputation for producing high achieving graduates.

“The decision changed my life for the better,” said Kaleem. “I met so many wonderful people and experienced things that I would have never dreamed of. I now have a great opportunity to start my dream career and with the education I have received at Brockport, I can make a positive impact in this world.”

Kaleem participated in many research, field, and internship experiences in the pursuit of both of his degrees. They were great learning experiences and helped prepare him to adapt to a variety of working environments. Opportunities to network with other counseling professionals in and outside of the program was a benefit as well. Among the most notable experiences that he had was being a graduate student counselor at Brockport High School in spring 2020.

“I was able to work closely with 11 other school counselor intent students from my program,” he said. “About halfway through the semester, the pandemic hit, and our lives changed forever. We all had to find unique ways to earn our required hours, service our students, and adapt to everchanging rules about how to be safe from the virus. “

The faculty and staff at Brockport made a tremendous impact on Kaleem’s education, seeing his potential and pushing him to be greater. Both Educational Opportunity Program Counselor Daniel Kandris and Academic Advisor Zaula Kennedy, played a significant role in Kaleem’s success at Brockport. The faculty in the Department of Counselor Education — especially Drs. Rafael Outland, Amy Gaesser, Robert Dobmeier, and Kevin Tate — also made an impact on him. Dr. Tate has given Kaleem a lot of life advice and ideas about how he can navigate his future.

“He (Dr. Tate) has and continues to show genuine caring for my well-being as a student and as a young man,” said Kaleem.

Kaleem is a school counselor at Hilton High School, assisting students accomplish their academic, socio-emotional, and postsecondary goals. He wants to be the best counselor he can be for his school and students and looking to get involved in extracurricular activities such as coaching, projects, and committees. His advice for students coming into a Brockport graduate program is this:

“If you have the desire and the drive to get out of your comfort zone then Brockport is the place for you. There are opportunities for great things, but you have to seek them out. If Brockport cannot supply the opportunity that you seek there are ways to create it. Raise awareness, let your voice be heard, and find the right people to help you,” said Kaleem.

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Posted: December 01, 2022