What can Music Videos of Beyoncé & Other Artists Teach Students About Political Protests?

Dr. Cody Miller, Assistant Professor of English education, and his colleagues published a paper examining how music videos can teach secondary students about political protests and resistance.

Dr. Cody Miller, assistant professor of English education, and colleagues Dr. Tianna Dowie-Chin (Assistant Professor, University of Georgia), Shelby Boehm (docotral studnet, University of Florida), and Dr. Mario Worlds (middle school teacher, Kanapaha Middle School) published an article examining how music videos can be position to teach secondary students about political protests in Special Issues: Critical Media Literacy.

Their article, ““FREEDOM, FREEDOM, WHERE ARE YOU?” A Critical Approach to Examining Music Videos as Protest and Resistance” draws on critical English education and critical race English education to demonstrate how students can analyze music videos as political, social, and cultural texts. The paper offers a framework for secondary teachers to teach music videos in their classrooms.  

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Cody Miller (hmiller@brockport.edu)

Posted: November 20, 2022