Quintin Peacock

Social Studies Education Inclusive Generalist Grades 5–12


Quintin Peacock, from Bloomfield, NY, is currently a graduate student pursuing a Master of Education in social studies, grades 5-12, as well as students with disabilities, grades 7-12. He was attracted to Brockport’s education program because it has an accessible, or hybrid, course structure. That means he can work while also earning his graduate degree.

One piece of advice that he gives to prospective graduate students is to just do it. “Don’t hold back, because whatever doubts or fears you have about your education will be assuaged and easily taken care of,” he says.

According to Quintin, he is a “history nerd”. In his free time, he loves home design, hanging out with his dog (Harper), and spending time checking out new restaurants with his husband, Jeff.

Quintin welcomes your questions about his experience as a graduate student at SUNY Brockport to aid in your graduate school search process.

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Posted: November 18, 2022