Communicating with Students/Advisees/Majors Now that Blackboard Organizations are Gone

Blackboard is going away, and with it, the organizations you have come to rely on to communicate with your students. Here’s the best way to reach them moving forward.

As we say goodbye, farewell, and Bon voyage to Blackboard this fall, some may find it difficult to communicate with students you are teaching, advising or those students within majors. Rest assured, Brockport’s EagleSUCCESS is your answer.

How to communicate through EagleSUCCESS:

In EagleSUCCESS Faculty/Advisors can:

  • View rosters for each course taught or by students advised (use the Connection pull-down menu on the My Students tab)
  • Bulk send emails by checking student’s names (click the top box to select all students in the list) and click the Message button.

Students will see the sender’s email address in the “from” field.

EagleSUCCESS Window with 'My Students' tab selected and 'Connection' and 'Mes...


For larger messaging needs, EagleSUCCESS gives users the ability to filter by an organization (such as major) on the My Students tab.

  1. Click the Add Filters button on the right side of the header bar, above your list of students.
  2. From the Additional Filters menu, choose Cohorts & Relationships
  3. Click the Organizations box and search for your group.
  4. Follow the same bulk email instructions above.

EagleSUCCESS webpage in Additional Filters window. Cohorts and relationships and organizations ar...

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Author: Academic Success Center/ASIS


Posted: November 11, 2022