Our New Web Content Management System — Things to Know

The SUNY Brockport Web Team launched a new Content Management System (CMS) on November 10, 2022. Learn how it will impact you.

The SUNY Brockport Web Team has launched a new Content Management System. The Livewhale CMS platform has now been rolled out to manage the vast majority of the site. The remaining two sites will be converted to Livewhale by the end of the calendar year.

Here’s what you should know:

  1. Search: We are introducing a new website search function, which we anticipate will be a positive change for our community. Some items will now appear as predictive text in the field below the search window, which will allow for quick access to a number of pages. It will also now search the news portal (where you’ll find Daily Eagle posts, Port stories, and other news submissions across the website), the events calendar, the college directory, and our campus-wide policies database. If you experience any challenges, please email webteam@brockport.edu with details so that we can continue to fine tune the results.
  2. Broken Links: Converting to a new CMS involves manually recreating thousands and thousands of pages across the website. While great effort was made to make this a smooth transition, it is inevitable that some pages were missed along the way. If you encounter any broken links please send them to webteam@brockport.edu so that we can fix them.

Many thanks to the entire Brockport Community for your patience as we have navigated this process over the last eight months. This was an important change that will both reduce expenses and increase efficiency.

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