Spread the Word & Volunteer for the “Leadership Storm”

We’re requesting faculty and staff to help spread the news and volunteer for the Leadership Development Program’s upcoming event, the “Leadership Storm.”

Our students are trickling into LDP. Leadership 101 is the official entry into the program and introduces participants to the elements of the Leadership Development Program. Everyone starts with Workshop 1 and ends with Workshop 8. Once they have taken Workshop 1, then they can participate in workshops 2 through 7 in any order. 

We will be tabling at the res halls Monday-Thursday sometime between 11 am - 1:30 pm each day. This would entail primarily sharing details about the workshop occurring that day (e.g. if you table on Monday, you would primarily share information about Monday’s workshop occurring at 3:30 pm) and secondly sharing information about the rest of the workshops.

We would greatly appreciate your help if you are able to volunteer! To sign-up, please fill out this MachForm, indicating the times you are available to volunteer.

If students have already registered, it is time to start! If they have not registered, they can come, and they will be able to register onsite.

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Victoria Roalef (vroalef@brockport.edu)

Posted: November 09, 2022