Don’t Find Yourself in a Pickle - Backup Your Blackboard Gradebooks Before December 21

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Today is National Pickle Day, make sure not to find yourself in a pickle on December 21. Blackboard access will be turned off permanently at 4:49 pm on December 21. Grades are due December 23, after Blackboard becomes unavailable.

Faculty, here’s your To-Do list as you prepare for the move to Brightspace:

  1. If using Blackboard, submit grades before 4:59 pm on December 21, 2022
  2. Prepare your Blackboard Course for Conversion to Brightspace – a Checklist
  3. Download your Fall 2022 Blackboard Grade Centers
  4. Save (Export) Your Courses in Blackboard


    1. Blackboard Export – Saving the content of the course – no student data/activity/grades
    2. Downloading the grade center – Saving the grades (just grades, no feedback or actual assignments) into an Excel Spreadsheet

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Author: ASIS & CELT


Posted: November 01, 2022