Timely Tip: Advisement Appointment Documenting Made Easy with EagleSUCCESS

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Review old appointments, document new appointments, and send meeting follow-up notes to students.

Appointment Documenting Helps You and Your Students

  • Before meeting, review past appointment Outcome Notes, flag and kudos comments, and referral notes in students’ Notes section in EagleSUCCESS.
  • Click the Outcomes button after a meeting and input your notes. (Hover over the calendar icon in your schedule in EagleSUCCESS to add Outcome Notes).
  • Outcome Notes can be shared with students to confirm important decisions made during your meeting. (Click the “Send copy of note to student” box).
  • See read receipt time/dates for Outcome Notes shared with students in the students’ EagleSUCCESS file.
  • If a student misses their appointment, click the “student missed appointment” box in Outcomes so the student will receive an email reminding them to reschedule.

View Schedule Setup, Scheduling Wizard, and Syncing your Outlook Calendar with the EagleSUCCESS Schedule tutorials on our Youtube channel.

Coming next, how EagleSUCCESS helps with Advisement Appointment preparation!

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