Steve Fund Update

SUNY Brockport’s work continues on the Steve Fund’s Equity and Mental Health on Campus initiative.

The Steve Fund is one of the nation’s premier mental health organizations serving the unique mental and emotional wellbeing of college students of color. SUNY Brockport remains engaged in the third cohort of Steve Fund’s Equity and Mental Health on Campus (EMCH) initiative, along with 41 other national higher education institutions, to improve the equity of mental and emotional health of students of color on college campuses. 

The 18-month engagement is scheduled from October 2021 to March 2023. The first phase of the initiative has been completed. The Steering Committee is now in the process of gathering group consensus on the content of the action plan and developing the layout of a webpage to be used as an ongoing communication hub. 

Once completed, committee members will cross reference and pulse check these outcomes with college leaders that specialize in these efforts for synergy and optimization. The Committee intends to communicate the outcomes and recommendations of this work with the campus community and leadership groups in the first part of the new year. 

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Michelle Kuleszo (

Posted: November 01, 2022