Emeritus Professor & Alumni of Environmental Science & Ecology Publish Paper

Emeritus professor, Douglas Wilcox, and alumni graduate students Eli Polzer, Andie Graham, and Brad Mudrzynski published a peer-reviewed paper in the Journal of Great Lakes Research.

The objectives of the study were to determine fen peatland development at Buttonwood Fen by characterizing modern vegetation, identifying and measuring the presence of groundwater discharge, characterizing groundwater chemistry, assessing the potential source of groundwater discharge, and analyzing radiocarbon-dated paleo vegetation changes using plant macrofossils and relating them to published paleo lake levels converted to the radiocarbon and lake-level scales used today.

Wilcox, D.A., E.L. Polzer, A. Graham, R.K. Booth, and B. Mudrzynski. Fen development along the southern shore of Lake Ontario. Journal of Great Lakes Research.

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Jacques Rinchard (jrinchar@brockport.edu)

Posted: October 27, 2022