The Academic Success Center Welcomes New Lead Writing Tutor

Raana Jilani

Raana Jilani is the new Lead Writing Tutor for the Academic Success Center.

Please join the Academic Success Center in welcoming Raana Jilani, Lead Writing Tutor. 

The following is a brief introduction written by Jilani: 

“I have been a teacher and tutor of English and writing since 1998. I found my way here by happenstance. Having completed a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, I began my career as a science teacher in Karachi Pakistan, a livelihood I was to engage in until I made my name as a fiction writer of Urdu.”

“To polish my craft in Urdu fiction writing, I decided to read and study the literature of English, as several of the famous fiction writers and poets of Urdu had done. I completed my first master’s degree in English in the year 2000 and started teaching English at the college level. There, I realized that to teach English as a foreign language in Pakistan, especially to support students’ writing development, I needed to understand how language as a system worked and what other factors contributed to language development in native versus second/foreign language contexts. That motivated me to pursue a second master’s degree in linguistics and a third in TESOL (with K-12 certification). I am currently a Ph.D. student in foreign and second language education at the University of Buffalo and expend my energies mentoring young writers in my role as a teacher and tutor.”

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Posted: October 27, 2022