Reason #1: How you Make a Difference with your SEFA Donation

People of all ages and backgrounds who seek a variety of health and human services as well as preservation of cultural, historical, and environmental resources within your community are helped through SEFA.

Hundreds of SEFA supported organizations and programs serve a diverse population throughout your region. Your contribution may even go beyond your immediate community, however, because SEFA lets you designate your gift to any county or specific SEFA supported services.

Giving to SEFA rather than directly to the service provider is the most efficient way to give:

  • SEFA contributions help fund a multitude of programs and services. With SEFA you don’t have to write multiple checks to multiple organizations through the year. You don’t have to remember when to give or to whom.
  • SEFA raises money for service providers at a far lower cost than if providers did this themselves.
  • SEFA offers the advantage of payroll deduction which enables people to support charities more generously than they could in a one-time effort.
  • SEFA offers the best way to help not only your favorite service provider, but your entire community.

This year’s SEFA Campaign will run from October 19-28. View our webpage for more information about participating organizations and to donate online.

All who donate during the campaign will be entered for a chance to win our gift basket! The basket is filled with Brockport gear, USB Hub, Ear Buds, a SERC membership, tickets to “The Game’s Afoot” and “Sankofa,” and a $100 Amazon gift card. The drawing will take place on October 31.

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Posted: October 19, 2022