Chemistry & Biochemistry Professor Serves as General Chair of the American Chemical Society Northeast Regional Meeting

Dr. Mark Heitz presented a talk titled “Coumarin 153 Solvation Dynamics in Methanol-Water Binary Mixtures: Are There Implications for Ionic Liquid Solutions?”

Since 2017, the original NERM 2020 organizing committee began planning the meeting that was ultimately postponed to 2022. The organizing committee of about 20 regular participants worked diligently for nearly five years to plan the event. The meeting attracted over 900 attendees from around the north east region, which includes an area from western NY to Maine.

Heitzand also served as Treasurer and gave a talk at the 43rd NERM that presented the latest research from the group addressing fundamental questions about the importance of water interactions in ionic liquid solutions. Christian Green, an undergraduate student in Heitz’s lab, also gave his first talk on his research project that determined the solvation and rotation dynamics in a novel deep eutectic solvent. Both ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents hold promise as ‘greener’ replacement solvents for chemical applications using traditional organic solvents.

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Posted: October 18, 2022