What’s The Future of Blackboard Organizations? Here’s The Plan!

Organization leaders are invited to submit requests to migrate existing Blackboard organizations to Teams (or possibly Brightspace). There are over 1,500 organizations in Blackboard. It will not be possible to move all organizations to Brightspace.

Effective immediately, current organization leaders may submit a Microsoft Teams Request Ticket to request their organization be migrated from Blackboard to Teams. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Microsoft Teams Request Ticket
  2. Click on “Request Service” to open ticket.
  3. Indicate Teams service type.
  4. Enter Description: (a) name of existing Blackboard organization; (b) desired name of Team to be created; (c) names of two persons who are the owners, or leaders, of the new space.
  5. Select level of Impact
  6. Click on the “Request” button.
  7. Prepare for migration of your organization by reviewing your organization content and determining what needs to be retained.

BITS will *evaluate the request and respond with a recommendation for placement (Teams or Brightspace). Once a determination has been made, BITS will create the appropriate entity and migrate the content.

*Determination of the final location of the organization (Teams or Brightspace) will be based on usage of the current Blackboard organization and how users are enrolled (Banner vs. manual entry).

Brightspace will be Brockport’s only online learning management system starting in 2023. The Blackboard end-of-life date is December 21, 2022, at which point Blackboard will no longer be accessible or available.

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Author: ASIS & CELT



Posted: October 12, 2022