Should Print Jobs go to the Print Shop or College Communications?

Now that managed print services have been fully implemented, learn the process you should take when needing large print jobs.

Documents such as self-produced academic course materials, tests, quizzes, letters, syllabi, miscellaneous communications, and other internal materials for students, faculty and staff, can be submitted directly to the Print Shop.

Documents that are intended to be seen by a large campus audience, and/or the general public – such as recruitment, retention or event materials, should be designed by College Communications before being printed.

Submit a Design Request

Documents previously created by College Communications that do not need updating can also go straight to the Print Shop for reprints.

If you’re unsure of which category your document falls into, call the Print Shop at (585) 395-2777 for help.

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(585) 395-2777

Posted: October 12, 2022