EagleSUCCESS Timely Tip: Refer Students to Tutoring

Midterms are approaching and some students are beginning to fall behind. Use EagleSUCCESS to get students into tutoring in the Academic Success Center and to self-advocate in other ways.

Encourage them to use our Tutoring Center in the ASC by creating a tutoring referral in EagleSUCCESS. It is easy and quick. Learn how by viewing the “Use Flags, Kudos, or Referrals Anytime” video on our Youtube channel.

You can also encourage students to advocate for themselves by telling them about the “Raise Your Hand” button in EagleSUCCESS. Share this video tutorial. This feature gives them these choices and the appropriate office will reply to the student:

  • Help! I need Academic support.
  • I need help with Math.
  • I need help with Writing.
  • I need help understanding course content.
  • I need information about disability supports.

View all EagleSUCCESS tutorials on our Youtube channel.

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