Department of Political Science Sponsors Student Tour of the NYS Supreme Court

On October 3, students from a variety of disciplines had the opportunity to tour the NYS Supreme Court, 4th Appellate Division, in Rochester, which hears appeals from 22 central and western New York State counties.

Arrangements for the tour were made by Christine Seppeler (Department of Political Science adjunct and Moot Court instructor). The tour was led by Justice Lindley, Presiding Justice of the Court (one of the highest-ranking judges in New York State). He guided them around the courthouse and judges’ chambers, reviewed courtroom procedures, and gave them an overview of his typical day. Additionally, he discussed careers other than an attorney that they can pursue with a law degree (e.g., law clerk).

Students also visited the law library connected to the Court. This gave them the chance to meet the law librarian who is also extremely knowledgeable about law and legal matters. They were able to see the archival room where historic documents are kept, learn about the operations of an appellate court, and how the library helps attorneys. The law librarian also informed them about the variety of legal career options that do not require a law degree (e.g., law librarian).

The students asked Justice Lindley if they could do their Moot Court final at the courthouse, which would give them a chance to find out what it is like to litigate in a real courtroom setting. He liked the idea and was receptive to it, but could not make a commitment at that time. Let’s hope the students get their wish!

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Dawn Kurtz

Posted: October 10, 2022