Darcy Porter | October 03, 2022

Real-Live Rooms: Katelyn Cyganovich

Take a look inside Brockport’s best-decorated residence hall rooms.

freshman student poses on her bed as part of the real live rooms series

Name: Katelyn Cyganovich ‘26

Residence Hall: Thompson

Major: Criminal Justice

Campus Living Q&A:

What brought you to Brockport?

“I knew I needed a small campus to feel comfortable. The Village of Brockport makes me feel like I’m in a movie (small, aesthetic brick buildings and local shops, everything is walkable), and it is my ideal distance from home.”

What’s your favorite part about Brockport now that you’re here?

“The Raj Madan Café. Hands down has the best food on campus.”

Down to the Details

Favorite three items:

  1. The quote wall above my desk! Not only do I relate to all the quotes, but they all come from books that are near and dear to my heart, so they’re that much more special to me.
  2. The globe: I love how well the gold lines on the blush background match my color scheme! Plus, I just think that globes are a sophisticated piece of décor that elevates any space.
  3. The Chanel Art: because it combines my love for flowers and butterflies in a very mature way.


Where did you do most of your décor shopping?

Hobby Lobby, Etsy, and Target.

Tips for Decorating a Dorm Room:

“Be careful of colors! Pick a color scheme and stick to it but BEWARE of getting too many different shades of the same color. Try to make sure that you only use a few shades of any color and be sure to use shades that have the same vibe as one another so they don’t clash (ex. I used all earthy pinks; I don’t have pastel pink and hot pink together).”

quotes hung in gold frames on a dorm room wall

Can’t live without:

“Organizational containers! I am the person who believes that everything has a place where it belongs (and it needs to be in its place!). Small container sets make it super easy to create a specific place for everything to go.”

Advice for next year’s freshmen?

“Make sure all your pieces match one another and you’re not just buying everything you see that you like! Having an aesthetic or vibe that all your pieces fit will make your room look much more put together.”