Increased Focus on State Agency Sustainability & Climate Actions

Governor Kathy Hochul has Signed Executive Order 22, a new Executive Order that empowers the GreenNY Council to implement the order.

EO 22 Overview: 

  • EO 22 sets several operational goals and targets for agencies to meet, including:
    • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by:
      • 100% clean electricity use in State operations by 2030
      • Transitioning to a fully Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) non-emergency light-duty vehicle fleet by 2035 and all ZEV medium/heavy duty fleet by 2040
      • Restricting fossil fuel equipment in all new facilities greater than 5,000 sq/ft that enter design/permitting starting in 2024.
      • Utilizing construction materials that have a lower greenhouse gas output. 
    • Reducing Waste Disposal
      • Reducing waste disposal 10% every five years until reaching a goal of 75% below a FY 18/19 baseline
      • Eliminates single-use plastics in State operations
    • Reducing the use of toxic substances
    • Increasing climate resiliency at State facilities
    • Enhancing habitats managed by State agencies
    • Decreasing negative environmental impacts on disadvantaged communities
  • The order calls for state agencies to create and file two plans with the GreenNY Council to make their operations more sustainable. The plans and timelines are: 
    • Within 12 months: a fleet electrification plan
    • Within 12 months of the GreenNY Council issuing plan templates: Reducing Waste 

Today is a big step forward for efforts to green the SUNY system and other state agencies, while we have a lot of work ahead of us, it is exciting to continue to be making progress towards the cleaner, more sustainable future that the entire campus community deserves.

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Kevin Rice (

Posted: September 26, 2022