Presidential DSIs

Information on the awarding of Presidential DSIs is provided.

In April 2020, a Discretionary Salary Increase (DSI) Study Group presented its findings to Senate and to Cabinet. One recommendation related to ensuring more specific communication around Presidential DSIs. This note will serve that purpose.

Every year a DSI is available, 10% of the overall campus DSI pool is designated for Presidential DSIs. This percentage is a standard percentage that will remain in place for the length of the current contract.

Individuals who have been proposed and approved for a DSI through their divisional processes are eligible for Presidential DSIs. There is no separate application process. Divisional VPs make recommendations for Presidential DSIs based upon the work of the committees that review the original applications and nominations.

The president makes the final determination on the amount of individual presidential DSIs, in consultation with Cabinet, and can select others for the award if they have already been allocated a DSI through the process.

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Julie Pruss (

Posted: September 23, 2022