Brightspace Training Options

If you are unable to attend the SUNY Remote Synchronous Brightspace training sessions, check out a list of other options.
  1. Work through the SUNY DLE Brightspace Fundamentals Asynchronous Modules course in your My Courses widget in Brightspace
  2. Log into the SUNY Digital Learning Environment (DLE) Trainings-Recordings to see recordings of previous training sessions
  3. Create a free Brightspace Community account to access resources from Brightspace – you can search for questions you have in this space
  4. YouTube is also an amazing resource for quick videos on how to accomplish specific tasks: YouTube-Brightspace Instructor
  5. Visit Brockport IT’s Knowledge Base & Service Desk – for articles on completing specific tasks in Brockport’s instance of Brightspace – you may need to sign in for all of them
  6. Visit Brockport Today for the updates we have been providing – and will continue to provide – to the Brockport community
  7. If you get stuck on something, there’s always Request an Appointment With An Instructional Designer
  8. Brockport’s Home Page - Site Search Window
  9. The Center for Excellence in Learning & Teaching

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Author: ASIS& CELT


Posted: September 21, 2022