Friends of Drake Library Supports Course Reserve Collection

Recent additions to Course Reserve purchased by Friends of Drake Library.
As it has done for several years, Friends of Drake Library (FODL) has purchased textbooks required for high-enrollment course to be added to the Course Reserve Collection at Drake Memorial Library.

Ahead of each academic year Friends of Drake Library (FODL) identifies high-enrollment courses and checks to see which ones do not have their required texts available on Course Reserve for students to check out for a few hours at a time in Drake Library.   

Friends of Drake Library recently purchased the following textbooks to be added to the Course Reserve Collection:  


  • ECN 302:  Macroeconomics, 10th ed. /  Mankiw
  • CMC 211: Rhetoric in Civic Life, 2nd ed. / Palczewski
  • NUR 444: Foundations for Population Health in Community/Public Health Nursing, 5th ed. / Stanhope & Lancaster


  • CHM 305: Organic Chemistry, 2nd ed. / Clayden et al
  • BIO 201: Biological Science, 7th ed. / Quillin et al


  • CHM 205: Chemistry: Structure and Properties, 2nd ed. / Tro
  • CMC 211: The Rhetoric of Agitation and Control, 3rd ed. / Bowers

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Author: Bruce Conrad-Reingold


Posted: September 19, 2022