Course Reserves & Anatomy Models at Drake Library

Course Reserve books and anatomy models.
With most classes returning to in-person instruction on campus, this is a reminder that instructors can request that Drake Library place items from our circulating collections of books and DVDs on Course Reserve for their classes.

Provide your name, course number, and title of the book/DVD. The standard lending policy is two-hours/in-library use, but other options are also available. 

Instructors can request that we purchase a title for Course Reserve via the Library Ordering Module in Web Banner. Please select RUSH Order status and indicate the course number. 

Instructors can also lend us their personal copies of books and DVDs which will be added to Course Reserve as Personal Items.  

Course Reserves

  • We have 1000+ reserve materials – Books, DVDs, NYS Teacher Certification Study Guides, and Anatomy Models available to students
  • We email individual instructors every summer regarding updating the Course Reserve Collections (additions, subtractions, etc.)
  • We maintain a finding aid binder for patrons (students & faculty) and library staff.
  • We work with Friends of Drake Library to purchase textbooks for high-enrollment courses.

Anatomical Model Collection

  • Drake Library Circulation maintains a collection of 80+ unique anatomy models.
  • These models are duplicates of those maintained by the Biology Department in their Anatomy Model Lab. Drake Library augments the Anatomy Model Lab by providing access whenever the library is open.
  • We maintain a visual finding aid binder for patrons and library staff with a photo and description of 80+ different anatomy models that allows students to browse and select specific models to check out for 2 hours at a time, in-library use.

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Author: Bruce Conrad-Reingold


Posted: September 16, 2022