60 Leadership Development Mentors Needed by October 5

The Leadership Development Program students have identified mentors as one of the most beneficial components of the program. Build a one-on-one relationship with a student and support them as they clarify their values, identify their strengths, and develop skills.

Register to be a mentor using our LDP Volunteer Form & Mentor Pairing Questionnaire 2022-23. 60 mentors are needed prior to October 5, 2022.

In addition to appreciating the mentor-mentee relationship, students have shared that the program helped them to:

  • Speak clearly/efficiently
  • Develop personal codes of values/ethics
  • Become an informed and active citizen
  • Better understand alternate viewpoints
  • Engage in discussions with people of other races or ethnicities

College is a time to figure out who you are and define who you are outside of your family. It is a time to decide who you will be as you enter the world. The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is designed to give you the opportunity to figure that out. Participation is not only about gaining skills and confidence to grow the leader within you, it is also about meeting people and engaging with others, you will leave with new friends. LDP is the perfect way to start off your college career.


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Betty Garcia Mathewson (bgarciamathewson@brockport.edu)

Posted: September 16, 2022